A pendant hanging out over your dining table, bar, book shelves, or bathroom is an enthusiastic way of expressing your artistic and décor style. Every house illuminated by pendant lights instead of regular ones, immediately gets a special ambience of art and fashion.  Pendants lighting fixtures dimmed a bit can turn every ordinary dinner, to a romantic one.

Three pendants in a raw, illuminating your corridor all the way to your bedroom makes a simple walk in the house special, and gives the walker a majestic feeling. Considering pendant lighting décor, the options are unlimited. Fix them in a row or in an oblique line, combine colors and styles that blend in with each other, or make the whole lighting scheme of your house in a specific style of design you like. At RLAlighting you can make your own special set of pendants, conjunct with other suitable lighting fixtures for your interior designing taste, and illumination needs.

The pendant lamps and fixtures presented at RLAlighting are brought to you from the leading manufacturers and designers in the field of designed lighting fixtures. For every appearance and style you would like your house will have, you can browse our web site or make a free call to our excellent customer service lines, 7 days a week.

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Crystorama Lighting 130-CH

3 bulbs Pendants in Polished Chrome.
233 in stock

Crystorama Lighting 130-VZ

3 bulbs Pendants in Vibrant Bronze.
203 in stock

Crystorama Lighting 131-CH

1 bulbs Flush Mounts in Polished Chrome.
265 in stock

Crystorama Lighting 131-VZ

1 bulbs Flush Mounts in Vibrant Bronze.
149 in stock

Crystorama Lighting 143-CH-CL-MWP

1 bulbs Pendants in Polished Chrome.
43 in stock

Crystorama Lighting 2260-PN

1 bulbs Pendants in Polished Nickel.
70 in stock

Crystorama Lighting 4821-SR

1 bulbs Pendants in Sage/Rose.
21 in stock

Crystorama Lighting 5164-EB-CL-MWP

6 bulbs Pendants in English Bronze.
31 in stock

Crystorama Lighting 5717-AB

3 bulbs Pendants in Antique Brass.
340 in stock

Crystorama Lighting 5717-EB

3 bulbs Pendants in English Bronze.
167 in stock

Crystorama Lighting 5717-PB

3 bulbs Pendants in Polished Brass.
55 in stock

Crystorama Lighting 5717-PW

3 bulbs Pendants in Pewter.
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